A Note from Erin


Masculine and feminine.  Classical and modern.  Weathered and shiny.  Edgy and refined.  Inspired and grounded.  It's the harmonious intertwining of opposite elements that inspires me to curate environments that are as unique as the people who inhabit them.  I love to create beautiful spaces, but I love people more!  What l appreciate most about interior design is the opportunity to create a context for the client that all at once comforts and emboldens them, reflecting and also inspiring his/her/their spirit.

While I want to be known for creating spaces that give a voice to the inner spirit or spark in people, I really want their spaces to serve them, giving them meaningful context for their lives and experiences.  And form always goes hand in hand with function.  Pretty rooms are great, but thoughtfully curated environments are better.  Rooms should serve the people who inhabit them, and I love working with people to design spaces they feel good in.
In residential design, the best compliments I get -- in addition to being noted for my excellent taste and the ability to intertwine things that may seem opposite but are actually vital parts of a whole picture -- is that people feel "at peace/loved/at home/like better people" in the spaces I create.  My projects give clients at once a warm, familiar hug and also an assuring, go-get-'em pat on the back.  Clients have said "wow, you really GET me!".  I create interior spaces, for both residential and commercial applications.  On the residential side, I prefer to work alongside a talented builder from the ground up to design spaces for people that are perfectly "them".

My interiors are thoughtful, layered, detailed, balanced, curated, hospitable, friendly, and fun!  I have a keen eye and have been noted for my instinct and my ability to see the big picture and how each element will play together in a space.  Clients are impressed by that a lot, usually.  My sharp eye for detail is probably my best design quality, but my ability to put things together like a kind of visual symphony, merging so many varying pieces together to create a distinct statement is also a trademark.
I appreciate and insist on excellence in craftsmanship. 
My earliest ambition was to be an artist, and I spent a lot of time playing house as a young girl -- which basically involved me decorating and re-decorating my playhouse.  This took on new life as a grew up, and I'd often pool my allowance to splurge for something fabulous for my bedroom instead of typical teenage expenditures.  I've always loved creating environments and "scenes", if you will.  Environment is the silent player in our lives, which can uplift and enrich us in ways that are real.

My graphic design and marketing background assured me of things that have always been innate for me… a deep seeing/understanding of the uniqueness in people, how to use interior design to make a statement, an understanding of balance, visual texture & rhythm, color.  A good designer is an even better psychologist… able to envision and understand how the client ticks, how they live and will occupy the space better than they can themselves!  It's an intuitive art.

I used to wait tables, and I would make a game out of it by thoughtfully observing and trying to preempt the needs of the guests I served.  I wanted them to have what they needed before they knew they needed it.  I'm the same when I design interiors.  3 months after the project is completed, I want the people utilizing the space to find how completely comfortable they are there, with their needs having been thoroughly considered before they even realized they had a need in the first place.